Are you pregnant and looking for noninvasive, drug free and alternate ways to manage labour discomforts?

Did you know that a more active labour and drug free options may reduce the length of labour or the need for obstetric invention like epidural, forceps or vacuum delivery.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical stimulation) can be use during labour (1st and 2nd stages) to help manage contraction discomfort.

A couple of the ways it works is to reduce the intensity of uterus discomfort and it can help release pain reducing endorphins.

A recent study has shown it is as effective, like Entonox (gas), in improving labour satisfaction and pain management during labour (Rashtchi et al 2022).

Women should be given options for managing labour. If you are wanting more information, or to RENT a TENS machine from our pelvic health Physiotherapists, please contact @Karrinyup Physio, @Marmion Physio.

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