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Antenatal / Postnatal

Please note our antenatal / postnatal class has moved to Marmion Physio.

Our Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise Class is class combining Clinical Pilates, cardio, weights and resistance equipment. The class is designed specifically for women following the birth of a child. Exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, regaining general strength following pregnancy/birth and prepare mums for the physical demands of motherhood.

This class is suitable for women from 6 weeks post birth* up until 18-24 months postnatal. We also welcome pregnant women** to the class who want to maintain their fitness, exercising in a safe, supervised environment. The class is designed and run by Women’s Health Physiotherapists. Exercises can be modified for the various stages of pregnancy and are pelvic floor safe.

Participants are required to have an assessment with our Women’s Health Physiotherapists prior to attending this classes. The assessment is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your recovery following delivery and discuss your goals for returning to exercise. Assessment includes a rectus abdominus diastasis (RAD) and pelvic floor muscle assessment and a musculoskeletal screening.


Classes times;


**We are currently running a Women’s Health, Antenatal/Postnatal class at our Marmion clinic – Marmion Physio**

Pregnant and postnatal women are welcome to join any of our Pilates classes at Karrinyup Physio. Exercise programs are individualised for each participant and can be modified as required by our qualified Physiotherapists/Pilates Instructors.


*Postnatal women can participate in this class following their 6 week post birth check-up.

**Pregnant women require clearance from their treating Doctor, Midwife or Obstetrician prior to participation in this class.

For further information regarding our Women’s Health Pilates classes at Marmion Physio, please phone (08) 9448 6588 or email

Exercise during Pregnancy

There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy.

Benefits may include (but not limited to);

  • reducing musculoskeletal pain & leg cramping
  • maintain muscle strength, tone
  • improving cardiovascular fitness
  • improving sleep patterns
  • reducing fatigue
  • managing stress/anxiety

There are many “do’s and don’ts” when exercising during pregnancy which can be very daunting for women keen to maintain their health and fitness.

This class takes into consideration the specific precautions required whilst exercising during pregnancy and in the early postnatal period. The group environment provides an opportunity to meet other pregnant women and new mums, ask questions, stay fit and feel fabulous.