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Exercise Physiology

We offer Exercise Physiology services to help you reduce your pain, improve your physical function, and accelerate your recovery. Exercise Physiology services at Karrinyup Physio offer extended appointment times to get the best outcomes for your rehabilitation.


What is Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology utilises clinical exercise to promote healing in injured tissues, reduce pain in your joints or muscles and improve your physical function after injury or surgery. Exercise Physiologists are recognised allied health professionals with a minimum of four years of university training. Our Exercise Physiologists at Karrinyup Physio have pursued further training at PhD and Master’s level. 

We recommend Exercise Physiology for:

·      Exercise rehabilitation in the knee, hip and shoulder

·      Returning to exercise after injury or illness

·      Arthritis management

·      Pre-surgery – get fit for surgery

·      Post-surgery rehabilitation

·      ACL rehabilitation and return-to-sport assessments


Contact Karrinyup Physio to book an appointment on (08) 9245 1011 or email Dr Peter Edwards  on