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Dempsey Campbell

Clinical interest: Tendon Pain, lower limb injuries and physio exercises classes

Dempsey completed her Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University, graduating with first class Honours. She enjoys working with a wide range of conditions and injuries but has a special interest in overuse/sporting injuries- so much so that she has returned to start her Master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy. In particular, Dempsey likes working with tendinopathies, ACL and other ligament injuries as well as orthopaedic post-operative patients.

Dempsey likes creating graduated rehabilitation programs to ensure people get back to what they love doing, free of pain and with confidence. She has a passion for health and exercise, and loves showing people how moving their bodies can generally improve most conditions and quality of life. She enjoys taking her patients down to the gym to teach all walks of life how to exercise appropriately to manage their injuries and prevent recurrence.

Outside of work, Dempsey plays competitive field hockey for North Coast Raiders and during the off-season she spends most of her time at the beach!